About me

Hello, I am Elizabeth Medina, IndOriental® dancer, and the person who endorses this website. I am going to introduce myself by taking a glance to the past. I will try to sum up how I met my passion and profession.

As far back as I can remember, I remember myself dancing. I have some very funny photos standing on the tables at family and friends reunions, dancing to the clapping of their hands, or while we were listening to “Lambada” ( I’m afraid it was my childhood soundtrack).

When I was only four years old I began studying ballet at Mari Carmen’s school (like almost all the girls of my age). I had a special motivation – to follow my cousin Inma’s steps. And this is a key fact, yet she is the person who encouraged my interest in dance, and she still does nowadays, she is my guiding light. She dedicated her heart and soul to her hobby, which soon turned into her profession, and still is today.

After four years I left ballet behind (it obviously wasn’t for me) and I started practicing taekwando and buguei. After several years of very intense martial arts training, one day I was suggested to join a “Ballet de Moros y Cristianos”. For those who do not know what this is, the “Moros y Cristianos” is a National Tourist Interest festival in my hometown Crevillent and in many other places in the Valencian Community. They “relate” the epic battles between the two peoples during the Catholic Monarchs period.

ElizabethWithout delving into it too much, I was dancing as a “beginner” with the “Security Dance” Ballet for about five years. Afterwards I came across (or maybe the opposite) the Sarabanda company, and thanks to that I had the opportunity to start a new path with Afro Brazilian Dances and the Samba. I even played in a drum ensemble formed only by women called Oshun for a  long time (unforgettable period). Studying the complexity of Orishas and its steps, I spent another five years with them as a professional dancer.

Due to some very unfortunate issues in my personal life, my life made a u-turn.  Once more I found my guiding light in my cousin Inma Manresa, and I enrolled in the Dance Conservatory of Alicante in order to study Contemporary Dance Pedagogy. To sum up, while studying, we planned a trip to India. And that is where Odissi dance found me.

Someday I will write a post about this, since it is a very interesting story, and it portrays perfectly the “Causalities” that happen in India, or as it is said there “Saab Kuch Milega” (everything is possible). I fell in love instantly with this dance form and its complex technique, the subtlety of its movements, the strength and skill required in order to be able to isolate the movements, the hard working training…from that day till today, once again the universe gave me an opportunity of learning and loving dance, no doubt, a passion that moves my Life.

As a result of it all, currently I work as an IndOriental® professional Passion for the dancedancer and I’m still studying (don’t ever want to stop!). I attend contemporary and tribal dance regular classes, and train Odissi and Yoga. Fortunately I have the opportunity to study with my dear teacher Miriam Peretz, as well as with the other pillar of my little temple, Colleena Shakti. Together with them, there are another two very important persons. One of them I have already mentioned several times, for being my guiding light and my role model, Inma Manresa. The other one is Nuria Gallego.

I am an enthusiastic traveler, tribal adornment lover, I love animals… and I love discovering countries, things, places, people and myself again and again.

Thank you for reading me and giving me the opportunity to write about me. It was a real challenge.