IndOriental® Dance

indoriental peque R2IndOriental® dance is a dance form developed by Elizabeth Medina.
The defining features of this style portay her as a performing artist.  This dance form arises from specific  elements featured and derived from the Indian classical and folkloric “Mother Dances” and their connection with Oriental and Tribal Dance.

At the workshops we will learn about fundamental theoretical and practical features regardin g the IndOriental® fusion. We will create secuences out of apparently easy movements, which get more complicated once we introduce a very important element, the intention.

The methodological and theoretical contents are cumulative.

  • Inspiration on Kathak and KalbeliaAprende Indoriental
  • Arms: itinerary and development
  • Tempo and rhythm
  • Mudras
  • Sira (head)
  • Dristi (eyes)
  • Intention
  • Travelings

The beauty inspired by this dance is graced by the work on technic and repetition. Immerse yourself in a magical language where you will need no words to talk!

** Regular Lessons  & Workshops **

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