Kalbelia Dance is an art form from northwest of India, more precisely from the region of Rajasthan.


With evident influences of Hindustani folklore Ghoomar, this dance arises in a social context of this nomadic ethnic group and is traditionally danced by women.
“Snake charmers” is another name of this tribe, since they live with and train cobras since their childhood.
Women create this dance form based on the imitation of undulating and serpentine movements of the cobras, by moving their arms, hands, performing spins and focusing on their gaze.
kalbelia peque II
The moves in Kalbelia Dance are fast, gestural, relaxed and cheerful. Stage travelings are precise. The patterned improvisation is one of its main characteristics.
Learn this original dance which is defined by every movement!

In this workshop we will work on Kalbelia Dance basic steps, we will learn to dance in group (circular formations), the tempo, the coordination of hands, feet and gaze.
The improvisation as a fundamental feature of Kalbelia Dance will be a very pleasant element to work on at this workshop.

Don’t forget to bring your flying skirt and be ready to have fun!

Kalbelia peque