Qirbilyan Ensemble “Som del Poble” creates a link among ancestral oriental cultures, personal inspiration and modern elements. It also creates a fusion of diverse disciplines in which its’ members are specialized.

Qirbilyan EnsembleWe are a group of professionals interested in the study and the interpretation of Arabian and Andalusi culture and music. Our musical and artistic backgrounds are diverse (traditional and medieval music, classical music, jazz, samba, classical Oriental dances, classical Indian dances, Hindustani folklore…) and we always try to create performances that are faithful and in accordance with the cultures that lived together in our country many centuries ago.

We put special effort and we take care of every detail in each one of our performances, and we also adapt to the particular needs of the people we work with. We have been working together for more that ten years now and that is reflected on our know-how and on the good vibe when we are performing.





Contemporary Dance and Physical Theater Company

AnDanza stands for the dance as a communication, social and artistic  interaction essential element. The body that dances is the main but not the only tool. The performance and the theater are some of the art forms that go together with and support this new creative/creation proposal.

One is completely involved in the movement. The body is a transmitter of sensations, emotions and intentions, gestures, corporal interpretations and movements that intend to create a new body and communicative language.




This contemporary indian fusion duet is born with the meeting of two dancers living in different parts of Europe but speaking the same body language and sharing dance ethics in fusion as well.

It is a “Work in Progress” duet, they meet each other on different places of the world, as France, Spain, India.. and the main way of working is on Internet, using different video conference platforms.

Shakti SistersShakti Sisters, is an honoring name, because they meet each other in 2014 in Shakti School of Dance, becoming friends and already dance partners. They really feel the sisterhood betwen borders and languages, and the power of love for Dance.

“Ananta”, in Sanskrit, means endless or infinite. The duet is inspired by this celestial snake wich is a symbol of the unending expansion of the Universe.

Also called Shesha in the hinduist mythology,  it is where the lord Vishnu ( The Preserver or Protector) is resting, dreaming about what we called our reality. Shesha is also the “remainder”, that which remains when everything else ceases to exist.




Nava dance collective is an international community of dancers devoted to cross-cultural dialogue and artistic collaboration through traditional, sacred, and ethno-contemporary dance forms. NavaUnder the direction of Miriam Peretz, dancers from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds collaborate in the creation of meaningful projects and performances. Dancers in the collective immerse in the unique movement language developed by Miriam Peretz. This style draws mainly on dances from the Silk Road, but is also heavily infused with contemporary aesthetics and devotional themes.


Nava dance collective




“EntreDanzas y Demás” (“In-between dances and more”) is a show that puts together dance, theater, poetry and real life stories. Created with love, it has as a goal to entertain, move, awaken, thrill… or in other words, it has the intention to help us understand different conflicts that arise during our lives.

In between dancesBorn from the union of diverse disciplines, “EntreDanzas y demás” is a travel towards the tradition, towards the primitive essence, towards the discovery of different cultures and legends.

It is a show for everyone and its’ goal is to touch the audience’s heart. It offers a travel between the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, it plays, sings, and dances together with the emotions of the dancers and their travel companions.

Let yourself go and enjoy “EntreDanzas y Demás”, performed by Allende García (actress and dancer) and Elizabeth Medina (dancer specialized in Indian, Persian and Sufi, Oriental and Contemporary Dances).

Elizabeth dancing